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“…the perfect pitch of comedy, satire, and romance. I enjoyed the characters so much, I was sorry to see the movie end.”

– Eric Byler (Director, Americanese, Charlotte Sometime, & My Life Disoriented)
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About the story

PhotoTitle: Asian Stories (formely, "Asian Stories (Book 3)")

One-Line Synopsis
When Jim is jilted by his bride-to-be, he decides to convince his ex-con and best friend, Alex to kill him before Valentines Day and put him out of his lonely misery.

Asian Stories is an amazing feature length film that tells a story unlike any other. Jim is a young closefisted Chinese American living in LA who desperately finds himself with a stack of white flower themed disposable cameras, fleur-de-lis invitations, a number of champagne bottles, and a ten-thousand dollar engagement ring bill. The only thing missing is a bride. In financial debt and miserable for having his fiancé leave two weeks prior to Valentine's day, Jim tries to resurface his dignity and wash away his wretchedness by asking his best friend, a Japanese hitman whose passion for cooking fancy entrees extends far beyond his kitchen, to kill him just in time to miss the Hallmark holiday. With less than four days to live, Jim, while wearing his wedding tuxedo the entire time, treks to the mountains to find his fate, meet a pizza delivery boy with lucky charms, the funeral spot of his choice, and a girl. (text by Rominna Villasenor)

  • Running time: 98 minutes
  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Shooting Format: Super 16mm
  • This film is not rated.


From Ron Oda (director)

PhotoDear Supporters of Independent Film,

Kris Chin and I have hated watching crappy movies way before our college days. But as the years went by, it just got worse and we kept paying our eight bucks to see movies that just plain sucked.

Although, we had absolutely zero experience writing, directing or producing, we figured we couldn't do any worse than the blockbuster epics known as "Glitter" and "Catwoman". So last year we finally quit complaining and decided to make a movie that we would want to see and hopefully didn't suck too bad.

Does it suck? The jury is still out. Let us know if you think it doesn't suck, otherwise, just add us to the ever growing list next to "Gigli".

Thanks for supporting Independent Film.

Ron Oda
(Director / Writer)

From Kris Chin (producer)

PhotoWe had a dream - to make a movie reflecting our Asian American heritage that we’ve never seen on screen. Whether your Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or whatever – there are just some jokes that are not told outside of our ethnic circles.

Therefore, we decided to bring them out. It may not be politically correct – but it’s real. We also wanted a good story, so we brainstormed on a topic that we could relate to.

Here it is, a movie that hopefully shows a kind of humor rarely seen or heard of. We hope you will enjoy the characters as they reflect real people who we’ve either known or encountered in our own lives.

And most of all, that you share in our dream to see more movies that make
you laugh, make you cry, make you feel…

Kris Chin



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